PARTS LIST – DIY ICEpower 200ASC/AC Dual Monaural Class D Power Amplifier

ORDER: Components and Parts for this build. GhentAudio Case Kit(B) on the left, Neutrik Adaptors + ICEpower 200ASC/AC Modules from Parts Express on the right.

Similar ICEpower modules are used by OEM manufacturers in their Class D amplifier product lines costing about $3,000-4,000 USD. Some examples include Wyred4Sound and Bel Canto. In this article, I will list where to ORDER the necessary components online. Similar to my bill of parts, these come up to about $300 USD excluding shipping. I will list the actual BUILD in the next article.

DUAL CS 601 Turntable – Anti-Spark Capacitors

DUAL CS 601 2-Speed Full Automatic Turntable

At under $2.00 SGD for 2x each capacitor type, this fix was well under $10.00 SGD with the exception of some time required to remove and install the capacitors.

[VIDEO] DIY Projects


Showing some previous DIY projects. Made a few bookshelf monitors and floorstanders using Vifa and Solen crossover components. Housed in 3/4 inch marine plywood held in place with Maxbond (liquid nails) and wrapped in teak veneer before finishing off with matt lacquer. Below is a playlist of videos with some sound tests.

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nimophile is back!

DIY Speakers vs. DALI

Welcome to nimophile. Yup, I am back having just signed up for a 3-yr hosting plan with Dreamhost over the Black Friday Weekend. Fingers crossed all this pans out well. Will get my first proper post out so do check back soon.

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